Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big and Beautiful....there's just more of you to love!

I've never been skinny. My smallest size has been size 10, and that happened because I fell under the false illusion that living in America, I could never wear the fabulous designer wear I saw on the runway if I wasn't skinny. Now don't get me wrong, I still believe in being healthy and fit, there's nothing like it, when you're strong and full of vitality when you're taking care of yourself.

On a very personal note, I had been told by my doctor that I couldn't have children, I accepted my fate and went about my life and in the quest to become (hopefully) a size 8 so that I could fit into all the clothes that I had been dreaming about, I joined Weight Watchers and took up Yoga. Less than two months into WW, I became pregnant. I have no doubt in my mind that getting fit and healthy was a strong part of the process.

But that's not the topic of the day. In my business, I made clothes for a lot of women who were much bigger than I was. They would walk in, see me wearing something and say something like, "You look nice, but I know that will not look good on me", and I always told them that they were wrong. I would go on to say that all you need to look good no matter what size you are is a defined waist and a 'held together' stomach area, and there's so much help out there with that....girdles, spanx etc.

Anyway, I stumbled on this lovely website today, Curvalicious Clothes and found these beautiful clothes. It just reminded me of my leave no woman untouched by her own beauty! And I hope to focus much more on the subject as we go along. Thanks to the fabulous Auretha Callison at Intuition Image Styling and Coaching for posting this website on her Facebook page and reminding me of another part of my purpose!

Enjoy and be inspired! And remember, there's just more of you to love!

More inspiration soon!


  1. Shirley Ann, What a BEAUTIFUL BLOG!! You INSPIRE ME!

    Thank you Darling!! Truly, EVERY PERSON deserves to feel beautiful! We, as a culture, are starting to love ourselves for who we are NOW, not who we will ONE DAY be. I believe in our evolution to becoming who we wish to be by loving who we are RIGHT NOW, and from that space of LOVE comes breath, movement and self-care.
    With love and beauty,

    p.S.Would love to have you guest post on my blog at!!
    You might love my article on "Loving Your *ss!"

  2. Thank you so much Auretha! I am truly honored! I will surely come by your blog and share the love!