Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Falling In Love Again

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to begin a little project.

'Falling In Love With Me'.

It simply started out as an idea to get dressed up, really dressed up at least once a week and take self portraits. I also created an Instagram account to support the project, so there will be some selfies too. No big deal.


I did it. The first session.....and there's something happening!

As you can see, I haven't written in quite a while. I simply haven't been inspired. But I'm here today.....and I'm not even apologizing as I usually do! There's something happening!

I consider myself to be quite articulate but today, I don't have all the words to express how I feel. I will try.

All my adult life, I have been dressing other women. And somehow, all these women have come 'first' and I have been 'next' and usually last on the list. OR is it just that it's been a long time since I appeared on the list at all, as you may know or not know, I have a 3 year old........ I'm not complaining, it's just an observation.

This project is not a marketing ploy or something to show my talents. It's about ME. Celebrating ME. Falling in love with ME.

After yesterday's photo shoot, which was quite challenging......the thought of planning future shoots for ME just made me giddy! Like a little girl! Like Cinderella! I feel like for the first time in my life I am making myself important. No one but me. I really can't describe the feeling.....Joy, excitement.....could it be love? Am I already falling in love with myself? I really don't know. All I know for now is that it feels GOOD.

What will happen next? I wonder.......

Here is the link to the Instagram account dedicated to Falling In Love With Me. I hope I return with more and more Joy. Like the Joy you see here!

Thank you!