Wednesday, September 2, 2015

When Will You Love Me?

You open me up wide,
In the name of love and friendship
And yet you let them use me.
Use me up dry.

You do not take a stand for me.
You give all of me there is to give
And when they toss pennies at you
You know you should be angry

But you smile
You let them feel it's ok
You do not stand for me
You allow them to devalue me

They give you gifts
Lowly favors
You know that thing that you do

When oh when will you love me?

Because when you do....
You will flow like a river
You will be as transparent as your child's heart
There will be no darkness in yours

When you love me you will stand for me
With pride
Your head held high

They will come from far and wide
To witness my greatness
Offer me silver and gold
Yes, my weight in gold

But until you do
Pittances and Pain will be our Portion
Your dark and justified heart will continue to close

Love me.
Just Love me.

I am waiting.