Friday, September 28, 2012

More Make Believe!

I just looked at the current collections at Paris Fashion Week and I couldn't help myself! Time to play Make Believe again! I really really enjoyed the first one!

Today, my subject is Gareth Pugh. I usually just look at the more established houses but lately, by advisement, I'm going out of my comfort zone to explore younger designers. I critiqued Gareth Pugh's Fall 2012 collection as part of an assignment, and I surprised myself by actually loving his work! I love his Spring Summer 2013 collection even more! It's strong, it's edgy, but it's also sophisticated and elegant. You'll never see me post anything that is not sophisticated here.....not my style!

Here we go!

I know! Remember, it's a fashion 'show'. Take away the exaggerated veil an it's a simple black dress. Perfect for the evening, maybe with gold sandals for Summer! And for Fall, I would add a fur jacket.....a short 'winter white' fur jacket and possibly, bronze or black strappy heels!

Did you see the pants?! I know what you're thinking.....stay with me. I would wear the trousers to lounge at home, especially if I was entertaining. An intimate dinner with friends, paired with a nice shimmery tank, of a soft tunic. Can you see it? Oh and I would need a chef with service too, I won't be able walk to and from the kitchen in this one!

This is 'pour la doyenne'! Think mother of the bride.....I'm telling you, she would be so chic! I'm about 30+ years away from that, but I could still find somewhere to wear this to!

This is Tres Tres Avant Garde, but it's elegant and clean. I would wear this to a very formal event, with my hair swept up and an 'out of this world' necklace. If I wanted to break it up, the top would be perfect with black palazzo pants and the skirt, a fabulous corset! Still all very very dressed up!

Oh RED! Anything in red and I'm sold! Again, formal chic! A formal dinner, a very formal event, definitely evening. A night at a chic gallery, a night at the opera, or even a date with my honey at a very exclusive restaurant! It's easy too! I love this one so much!!!!....and only earrings, nothing else.

Another one I love! The white makes it go either way. It could be casual chic, can you see it with huge sunglasses, a fabulous scarf and flats......I would need to do some temporary hemming......Or, to keep it super glam, with some big Afro hair, arms full of bangles and killer heels! Definitely for a night on the town with friends in the Summer!

Heart be still! Another red piece of perfection! The perfect hostess outfit for me! At home with slippers, lounging, entertaining or simply hanging out with the family at the weekend! I could wear this today!!!!!

 Gosh! I love this one too! One thought. Travel. If it's wrinkle free, I'm traveling in this one. Period! I would be a sight for very sore eyes at the airport and the destination would definitely be worth the effort! For sure!

Ahhh, the perfect LRD (Little Red Dress). For work for sure. Personally I wouldn't do it with the booties and tights or leggings....but if you want some edge, go for it! I would do it with some lovely classic black pumps, preferably Loubies to match the red! It looks simple my dears, but you cannot begin to imagine the amount of work involved in getting that effect at the bottom of the dress! These are the kinds of designs I love! Not loud but saying a lot!

Saturday shopping in this? Pour quoi pas?

Ok, this may seem only for the brave, but really, not at all.  black pants are black pants, so let's focus on the top. For work,  I would wear this with either a pencil leopard print skirt and red shoes! Or, with a pair of white pants or a pencil white skirt and yes, red shoes! For casual chic, it would definitely be with soft pale blue jeans, heels and a tight pony tail.....both for work and play.....the pony tail. Can you see it now?

 Now, this, I wouldn't change or break it up! Well apart from the extra skirt thingy going on, it's perfect as is. Because it's sleeveless, the black on black isn't as intimidating as the one before. Work or play, either way, it works, hair up, hair down, definitely with heels and fabulous earrings! A cool party, a day at the office, it's all fabulous!

The finale! Hmmmm, I need a minute. Without the cape, I would wear this to work without blinking! But with the cape, I need to think hard.....let me see. A black tie event where there's a little window of opportunity to get creative! A fashion event, a movie event or simply something in the Arts, I could make it happen, I really could.....I can just see myself holding my glass of champagne and making small talk as if I didn't know how wild I looked.....yep, I could do this!

I hope you enjoyed our make believe date today!

I'll be back! With more! Stay tuned!

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