Friday, September 14, 2012

I Have A New Uniform! And I LOVE It!!!!

As you can see, I've been blogging consistently for 4 days in a row! And I think this time, it'll last!

I think I'm going to be able to stick with it this time because I have a new daily routine which I've been able to maintain for over a month now. As you may know or not know, I'm a happy, proud, sometimes overwhelmed mother of a 19 month old adorable ball of energy! And I'm a Wife. I'm also a full time student, studying for my MFA in Fashion Design (online) aaaaand, I'm an Artist, Designer, Writer, and Entrepreneur in Transition......!

So, 24 hours are not enough!!!!!! But, I've found a way to make it work, thanks to my wonderful business mentor Marianne Emma Jeff. I'll tell you all about her one day soon!

I started out by waking up at 5 am every morning. I would come downstairs and just sit, get on Facebook and simply force myself to wake up. After a couple of days, as my body started adjusting, I would wake up, and plan to do something, so I started painting. Something to look forward to. Then I moved from 5 to 4. Obviously, I had to start sleeping earlier. We all had to!

Now, thanks to the Power of Sensuality (I know, I'll tell you soon! I promise!), my routine is spectacular! I'm so inspired, and I also started school last week.

Now, I wake up at 3am, I have a nice long shower and I actually get dressed up! It gives me more energy than anything else that has been part of this new routine! I get dressed up, make up, jewelry and all and I come downstairs. I spend a few minutes in silence, just being still, being thankful and meditating upon the goodness of life and a new day.  I also have a glass of warm water and lemon. Then I get to work.

It's the dressing up part which has been the kicker! I haven't been inspired to dress up in a long time, childbirth simply confused my system, and I'm still nursing so nothing really works, but just being able to have my 'me' time, all dressed up, and then changing to get back into mommy mode has done a lot for my self esteem! But today! I have found something that I can use to combine all these parts of my life!

I'm so excited!

My mother will tell you that I believe I was an Indian princess in my past life! I also believe I was the Queen of Sheba......but that's another story for another day! We (Moiselle and I) had been discussing Indian Sarees a while ago. I think what sparked that conversation was Oprah's visit to India, in one of her fittings the designer told her that she had a "Saree body"!

I know this isn't a Saree but it's beautiful!!!! I had to add it!

Well, I think I have a Saree body too! Every woman has a Saree body! I think Indian women are so beautiful and so sensual! And they are able to exude all this sensuality and sexiness with decency! It's the most beautiful thing the eyes can behold!

This morning, as I was getting dressed up, the thought crossed my mind. I have one Saree but it is heavily embroidered and beaded, not even something I can pull of at 3 in the morning! I had watched videos about how to wear Sarees before, and basically, all I needed was about 6 yards of fabric. Being the fabric addict that I am, that was not a problem at all! So I pulled out some black chiffon from my stash, wore a black strapless top, and Voila!

It's simple plain chiffon, but it's beautiful!!!!

I can't tell you how beautiful I feel! And the best part! I won't have to change into my 'mom' clothes because I can still nurse my son easily in this!!!!

I am so so happy!

And I just had to share! I've even been brave enough to take a picture too!

I hope you will be inspired!

Some more lovelies to look at! Enjoy!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Motherhood looks good on you! I love how you can weave a beautiful story around everyday life.

  2. Love it! You look so gorgeous in your new "Uniform"!

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