Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three blogs.....

Trying to keep up with one blog is challenging enough! But three! I keep on asking myself why I do this??? (Apart from the fact that I’m a complicated woman….my husband’s description, not mine!) Especially considering the fact that I’m a new mom and that time has become a precious and rare commodity. A couple of my friends have asked the same question. Let me see if I can explain.

In my past life, I provided a wide range of services; fashion design, interior décor, event planning and décor- these were the major services, and then there were all these other services like cakes, catering, card making, gift wrapping, flower arrangements, hats, shoes etc. Anything that I knew how to do, I did. At the time I didn’t find anything wrong with the way I was working, but in hindsight, even though my one goal/mission was “Beauty Inside, On You and All around You”, my brand appeared not to be focused and probably made me look like a wannabe “Jill of all trades”, so this time around, I’ve tried to draw some kind of lines, even though, in my mind, they are all one and the same.

I realize this created a kind of ‘block’ when it came to blogging, so I just decided to put it out there and free myself.

So, this is “Leonarda Renaissance Woman” and if you read my profile, it’s just about all the things I love; discovering them, creating them, celebrating them.

I’m an African woman living outside of Africa; it’s a major part of who I am, and so, I feel I need a different perspective when it comes to all things African, hence, “Asinti Sanaa”, my next blog.

And finally, “Petale”, a blog and brand committed to my love of flowers. Apart from blogging, I really am developing these personas into individual brands, hence the ‘lines being drawn’.

From experience on my Facebook pages, I realize there will always be an overlap somewhere which may seem repetitive, but I think eventually, I’ll be targeting different audiences, so it’s all a-okay!

Okay, done! Now, I’m ready to move on!

Let’s roll!

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