Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting my groove on!

I had a very difficult pregnancy; I was on bed rest for almost 6 months. I had dreams of putting my baby’s nursery together, but no such luck! All I could do would be to gaze at my computer screen in envy at all the images of nurseries I found online! And I used to wonder (considering how I was feeling!), how all these mothers to be could get these things done before the baby! Oh well, apart from the very basic necessity, which my husband took care of, that was it! My son was welcomed into a very drab room! Big disappointment for mommy!

Now, after two months of healing (and total drabness!!!), I’m ready to get my groove on! Our master bedroom has an adjoining room; the retreat. I’ve transformed that into the nursery and I must say, it makes life very convenient, but now it’s time to make it fabulous!!!

Before I came to the States, I used to approach Interior design from a purely aesthetic point of view, never really thinking about the psychological impact of design. I watched a makeover on HGTV where there was a cancer survivor who just couldn’t stand the look and feel of his bedroom anymore, it just reminded him of his illness and made him feel sick! That’s the exact way I feel about our master… husband doesn’t get it, bless him….up until now, it was supposed to be perfect! Anyway, it’s a new day, everything has to go!

I also thought about my bedroom back at home; the above image, it was all ivory, in hindsight, I realize I needed the starkness of the room to relax me after a hectic day of work with all the visual stimulus that I experienced on a daily basis. Design Psych 101!

I’ve always been more of a ‘warm’ person when it comes to colors, reds, golds, champagnes. But with the birth of my son, everything has changed, I’m now I blue mama! And yes, I’m a girlie girl by nature, so I really have to restrain myself and make sure I’m not dolling up my son’s room! I’m moving away from traditional baby blue and working more with turquoise, I love turquoise!

And yes, why couldn't I just buy a new comforter and pillows and get Winnie the Pooh or something for baby Nana Delasie (my husband's thoughts!)'s just not how I roll! I need to suffer for design!!!

So, here are my fabrics….

All cut, labelled and ready to sew…(I hate this part!!! I hate sewing…that’s another blog post!)

Wish me luck and watch this space!

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