Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost done!


I'm almost done with my little makeover! In the last post, I showed my fabrics all cut and ready to go. Well, everything is sewn.

I'm now working on accessories and art. As I mentioned before, I've never been a 'blue' person, so I don't even have one blue item in my house, well up until now, with the birth of my, it's blue overload! I must admit, I do like turquoise though, so, it's working. I found a way to color glass vases, and now, I'm in love! I started with just a couple, because, I wasn't sure, but once I saw the end result, I searched the entire house for every single plain glass vase I could find!

Et voila! My collection of blue/turquoise vases! I just love them! This could turn into a career!!!

And finally, prepping my canvases for art!

Stay tuned!

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