Thursday, June 9, 2011

Card making

In my last post, I mentioned card making, and then I remembered I had something to share. As I keep on saying….I haven’t worked in about 4 years, that is, since I left home. But then I remembered that last year, I went back home to help put together a friend’s wedding. I had to do most of the shopping from here in California and I ended up going to Accra with 8 suitcases!!! Nightmare! Anyway, that’s not the point of this post…

So, I tried to order invitation cards, but no one was going to make them in less than a week, and so, in the middle of three full time schools (8 classes!!!) and shopping for the wedding, I took on the task of making the cards myself. My husband and I stayed up two full nights, between printing, gluing and tying, we were able to get these cards together and post them to Ghana in time for the wedding. The process was grueling, but in hindsight, (as is always the case!!!), it was quite fun.

The theme for the wedding was Diamonds and Emeralds (birth stones of husband and wife).

I also had fun practicing my photography skills (I was taking a photography class that semester!).

And just by the way, I really don’t like the term ‘Jill of all trades’, but I really like to do a lot of things, in my mind, they’re one and the same. What does that make me?

Hence my name….Leonarda, after the true master of all skills, Leonardo da Vinci!


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