Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thinking out loud....

I just read about Michelle Obama's lovely dress for the first state dinner at the Obama White House.

I love this woman! I just love her! She even reminds me of my mother and she makes all women proud. I will dedicate some posts to her very soon.

Today, it's something else on my mind. Read this...

"The strapless gown features hand cut sterling silver sequins sewn on nude silk chiffon, which create an abstract floral pattern. The dress is entirely handmade, requiring three weeks of work by 40 people, completed in Naeem Kahn's family workshop in India."

And yes, the gown is truly beautiful, I love Naeem Kahn and MO's choice was perfect.

Here's the mind twister, three weeks, forty people. Hmmm, if I had that, would I have chased myself away from home?

Just thinking out loud........

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