Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have some more pictures to share, but for now I need to share my "Allure" story.

You know when someone comes into your life and believes in you much more than you believe in yourself? That is my "Allure" story.

Allure is a Spa and Beauty Palace owned by a very very good friend of mine. She has pushed me to heights I never believed possible and virtually made me do things that I NEVER thought I could do. These are a whole lot of pictures and I'm still a new blogger so forgive me for not giving each one a description. And, they may also be all mixed up. There will even be some 'before' pictures mixed up with all the 'afters'!

However this is a quick overview.

I designed the interiors of the Spa and Beauty Palace; I did not do this alone. There was an architect who did all of the structural work, I just came along, decided on the colors and themes and took care of all most of the furniture and soft furnishings and all the extra decorative stuff; candles, plants, lights etc.
Our company also designed and made all the clothes that you will see in these pictures.

Then, some photos of myself for a billboard and ad campaign for Allure. That is a long story! I hope to tell it one day!

Oh, and thank God, these are one set out of only two sets of photographs that I was able to get a professional photographer to take. I could have edited the pictures but I thought the photography was so great, it was hard to chose! Thank you Steve!

This was much more work than I thought. I respect bloggers even more now! Wow! I'll have to continue "Allure" tomorrow! And I also want to talk about why I became a blogger!

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