Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost Done!

It's been a while.....too long actually!

Leonarda is doing what she does best!

Overloading herself!!!!!!

But I think that's how Leonardo Da Vinci became great, so I won't complain.

Seriously, I've been overwhelmed this semester. Last semester was a breeze, this semester, I feel like a crazy woman! Is it a possibility that too much 'knowledge/learning' could be bad? Yes, when you're attempting to take in too much in a short period of time!

I've learnt my lesson! I thought I was invincible! I'm not!

I'll share this semester's work once I'm done, and you be the judge.

Moving on.....

I'm almost done with my 'Couture' garment, and I declare here and now....NEVER AGAIN!

Did I actually say that I was going to design a collection of SEVEN???!!!

I must have been on something! Of course I can design, sketch, cut, supervise thousands of garments, but SEWING! Never again, thank you very much! So on that note, I humbly bow in humility for the tailors and seamstresses who have worked for me in the past. My respect to you!

Anyway, the garment is almost done (a few more sleepless nights to go!).

Here are some hints....

Await the finale!

And once again, I declare!

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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