Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still working on corset....

I finally decided on a pattern for my corset. It's one that my teacher actually demonstrated with in class. My class mate Diane let me use hers. So here's my work in progress.

Here's the pattern

My cut out fabric, lining and underlining.

And here's the corset, sewn, not pressed yet! I'm just so excited. No tailors! Just me!

I can't wait for the finished product!

Watch this space!

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  1. Hey SA, just keep on keeping on. It’s a pretty piece and I’ll be looking forward to your progress blogs. I can imagine the feeling you get when you are creating something from scratch, it’s as though you are birthing it. The passion, travail, care and all the effort you put in gives an absolute high when you complete. By reading your blog today I was transported back to the day I completed my first outfit with interfacings, linings and all. Some 21 years ago I had learnt pattern construction and couldn’t wait to put all that into practice. After days of toiling with cutting, tacking and sewing I couldn’t sleep when it was completed and finally hanging. I was counting the hours because I had a real life mannequin who was coming over the next day to fit it. I can totally identify with you, the feeling is absolutely exhilarating! What can I say? Except I knew you would come full circle and make beautiful clothes again. All you needed was time... passions like these don’t just die, the embers may just flicker, but they are always rekindled with a vengeance. Bon travail!