Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I knew 'WOW' was coming! Owning The Power Of My Truth.

In my post 'Between Me And Me', I was seeking, searching. Longing for something! I could feel it! But I had no idea what it could be!!!!!

Well, here I am today! The vision and the purpose so clear! So sharp! So bright!


I shared my visioning, I think I shared my frustration in the next post. Something was about to be born. I had no idea! Or maybe I did!

Anyways, I get it now. My work, my life is about LOVE. The fashion, the roses, Sex and Mrs X, the longing, the heartbreak, the loneliness, has led to this.

My work is to help women fall in love. To guide us to our softness. To stand firm in our truth. To be our own Beauty.

That's it.

It has to be intimate, beautiful, breathtaking, intense, passionate, inspiring and magnificent!

I can do it no other way.

Call me a guide, a coach, a confidante, a designer, a beautifier, a love maker, an artist, a designer. I don't care anymore. My work is to lead us to love, intimacy, romance, unapologetic femininity! To find our power in the softness. This is all!

And I can't help quoting from the last part of 'Between Me And Me'. 'Your mind and body is just made perfect for love'.

I knew I was on to something that day!

And I said I wanted to come back and say WOW!