Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pretty Pictures

I'm still not feeling well, but I promised myself. Every day for the month of March I will show up here.


I'm just going to share pictures, pretty pictures. They always have the power to make everything great!


.....and I really really really want this bag!

A demain.


  1. Lovely, beautiful photos, Shirley Ann! Thank you for sharing with us <3

  2. Hope you get to feeling better.We are very similar in many ways, I moved from kenya,knew no soul but my husband. I missed home, I still do, I paint,graduated from a fashion and merchandasing college from kenya. Seven months into moving in the USA starting working at a soft interior shop as a seamstress for about 4 years. I Used to paint to occupy myself;I am now back to school studying nursing as another outlet, would honestly be creating, but being in alabama does not help much. Maybe I need to believe more in the possibilies,one thing I am never giving up on is painting.
    I love how personal you get, its really inspiring to read it from someone who moved from africa as I did and relate. is my blog


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