Thursday, July 18, 2013

If I was bold........

I turned 42 a couple of days ago and birthdays are always a time of reflection.

In one of my all time favorite movies, Sex and Mrs X (If you're my friend, I'm sure I've made you watch the movie), Madame Simone asks Mrs X, who will you be? I would definitely be Madame Simone if I was bold! A woman who arranges love for others! Sigh......

It's a question I ponder on often. Who will you be Leonarda?

As with all women, I know who I would like to be. I have the answers. But do I dare? Do I honestly say who I would like to be? They say life begins at 40. I became a first time mother 3 months before my 40th birthday and I still have not recovered! On most days, I'm too tired to even ask myself the question. But really, who would I be?

If I were bold, these would be my answers.....

I would be a Femme Fatale. Even though I'm married and plan to stay married, my husband would be afraid to let me out of his sight, for fear of what my mischievous mind may be up to......right now, if I disappeared for a couple of days, he would be fine.....booooooring!

I would be a Diva. Who is a Diva anyway? A woman who knows what she wants, asks for it and get's it every time! Shouldn't that be every woman? Hmmm.......

I would have a massage every morning and maybe, every night.

I would live in 50 Shades of Grey........even though I haven't read the book yet....too tired.

In business, I would be a creator of dreams, like my dream mentor, Diana Vreeland. My head in the clouds. I would ask that before you became my client, you should know that you were embarking on the adventure of your life! You'll wear gloves, garter belts, only high fashion and always look like a movie star. If you're not up for that, don't even think about it!

And of course, I would be the ultimate role model!

I would have soirees in my home with equally bold women....and men and we would have the most exciting and provocative conversations at my dinner table!

You want me to continue? I don't think you can handle it.......

Oh, if I could be so bold......



  1. Continue! YES! You can be so bold and we will grow to handle it! ;)

    YOU are amazing! And everything you claimed, I see! Absolutely!

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