Thursday, October 30, 2014

For the Record......

It's one of those days. Crystal clarity. I know what I have to do. What I can do. What I would like to do.

I want to type it out here for the record.

I am a Designer, serving as a Personal Style Specialist.  I help woman feel Spectacular! Beautiful, Confident, Feminine and Special.

What I would like to offer-

Plan A.

A 3 day Immersion with me in California

Day 1 Exploring your style, creating your Leading Lady, removing all of the emotional crap too!
Day 2 Shopping! One High Fashion ensemble, from head to toe! Your STAR power ensemble. And then a wardrobe of 5 more looks. Also a proper bra fitting and full set of lingerie purchase. Spa pampering and dinner after your hard work!
Day 3 Cinderella becomes the Leading Lady! Hair, makeup, lights, cameras, action! A photoshoot to showcase your delicious purchases and make you REMEMBER you're a star! And there's a secret surprise!

What does it involve?

With a month of support before and a month after, the 3 days. $10,000 in fees. A minimum of $20,000 for shopping.

Plan B.

Experiencing the above throughout the year.

Plan C.

As a group of 6 at a time.

Plan D.

Experiencing this Internationally!

Plan E.

Personal shopping and consulting for you throughout the year with 4 visits.

Plan F.

I come to you. Plan and design your Boudoir Rose in addition to the above.

Plan G.

I am an Artist.

 I paint and sell.

 I teach.

I am a Flower Lover.

I make the most exquisite flowers and sell.

I teach a class in making composite Roses and Petales.

I am a Photographer.

I prefer to photograph women of a certain age. Show them how beautiful they are.

I also have group events where women come to get pampered and photographed in the most glorious gowns!

I am A Couturiere.

The finest of the fine. One of a kind couture. Garments that you and only you will own. Prices start at $6000 for a day dress. It is the experience of a lifetime!

Lingerie Couturiere.

One of a kind Lingerie to love every curve of your body! In the finest laces and silks.

I am A Love Maker.

Intimate dinners, soirees, boudoirs. Conversations about love, romance, intimacy, femininity, sex......This occurs anywhere above!

A Gift Giving Guru.

I will help you give him or her gifts that will take their breath away....that will bring tears to their eyes.

Love L'Amour....

I write about Love stories. I inspire living like everyday is a wedding!

Charm School for Women of A Certain Age....also for Little Leading Ladies!

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